Specific features
of life in UAE

  • 1
    Bargaining at local markets and bazaars is a tradition.
  • 2
    The main language of communication is English, because 85% of the population are immigrants.
  • 3
    Calls via the Internet ( Skype, whatsapp, telegraph) are forbidden
  • 4
    Safety. According to the list of the safest countries by the American magazine "Global Finance", the Emirates are ranked second, the only country ahead of the UAE is Iceland.
  • 5
    There is no road police in UAE. All violations committed on the road are recorded by cameras.
  • 6
    It is forbidden to take photos of government facilities, flags, and local residents without their permission
  • 7
    Public transport stations are equipped with air conditioning
  • 8
    There is no road police in UAE. All violations committed on the road are recorded by cameras.
  • 9
    The city is practically not suitable for walking. The main movement is made by cars, the city has a large number of organized parking lots, and public transport is also very well developed.
  • 10
    The subway is fully automated, where 87 trains are controlled by modern computers without the need for drivers. Men and women on public transport in UAE are separated from each other. The subway and buses have separate sections for women and children. Even cab rides are not an exception.
  • 11
    Lovers should not show their feelings in public. Holding hands is allowed, but kissing and sitting on each other's laps is forbidden.
  • 12
    Food and drinks are strictly forbidden on Dubai Subway. If you are caught with a sandwich and coffee on the train, you will be fined AED 100. You shouldn't even chew gum, the fine is even higher - AED 120. This is only prohibited on trains. You can eat and drink on stations and platforms.
  • 13
    Dubai is an Islamic city. And there are still strict rules regarding the consumption of alcohol. Only non-Muslims 21 years of age and older are allowed to drink alcohol here. Moreover, the sale and use of alcohol is only allowed in licensed establishments, because drinking alcohol in public places is forbidden.
  • 14
    Dubai was the first emirate to launch the Ministry of Happiness. Happiness is an elastic concept, and it's different for everyone. Therefore, the ministry polls the population, analyzes the results and works on different areas. They even created artificial intelligence to calculate the happiness index, which anonymously reviews comments in social networks and determines how happy people in Dubai are.
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