The key factors you should keep in mind while renting a car

Being a tourist or on a business trip in Dubai, you face with problem of getting around the metropolis. A car rental service is obviously a preferable option. A strong argument in favor of abandoning public transport in the UAE is high quality of roads. To feel free and secure in the country, you should find out what to look for when renting a car.

01 Car rental peculiarities in Dubai
Planning to rent a car in Dubai, you must take into consideration some features of this service. For example, the fact that the business here is honest and built on a principled approach: if there are restrictions, you may not get a car.

02 Rental documents
Documents are your must-have to get a rental car. Each driver is required to provide 2 types of documents:
  • certificate of international standard;
  • national driver's license.
There is an age limit for renting a car in Dubai - a client who rents a car must be no younger than 21 years old, with at least one year of driving experience. This is a requirement. When applying, you also need a passport.
You can only pay for the service with a bank card, since cash is not accepted.

03 The best place to take a car
Choosing a place for renting a car, you should focus on two locations - the airport or the areas of local car rental companies. The advantage of the airport is that you can take the car immediately after arrival for the required period and leave it there, but renting at the company's office will be no less profitable. There you can not only rent a car, but also calculate the necessary quantity of rental days, properly plan the commuting, which allows to save on rent and pay only for the time spent on driving in the country.

04 Vehicle selection
There is a great choice of both comfortable business class cars and hatchbacks on the websites of different car rental companies. Compact but roomy car can be easily placed in the parking lot. And an SUV is a better option for a family picnic out of town or a sightseeing trip.
When choosing a car, you need to filter such things as a gearbox, an engine type and a drive. Built-in air conditioning system in the UAE rental cars is a pleasant benefit.

05 Financial intricacies
Renting a car is, first of all, an agreement between an employer and a rental company, so insurance, a deposit or a franchise play a key role. Knowing the details about renting a car in Dubai, customers can avoid incomprehensible situations between the contracting parties.
Insurance, deposit and franchise are spelled out for every single car. These are individual characteristics, they are influenced by the global rental policy of the company and the specifics of a particular car. The more expensive is the car that the client wants to take, the larger the deposit will be.
Deposit is the amount of funds that the rental company will block on the client's account in case of transport damage. It involves damages that are not covered by insurance. For this reason, companies prefer working with bank cards rather than with cash where they have the right to block the deposit until the circumstances are clarified.
Franchise is the amount of money that is pledged in case of damage. In fact, the franchise is the rentor's money, and the excess will be covered by insurance.
Insurance is primarily
  • coverage in case of road accidents or other damages;
  • client's liability to third parties;
  • car theft coverage although this is rare in the UAE.
In case of an insured event, it is better to call the police that will identify the culprit. A red notice implies the client paying the franchise amount, while the green one means that the person stays with his or her money.

06 Car return
The transmission of a car is a delicate process, and the tenants start wondering if they need to wash the rental car before handing it over. To return the car with no difficulties at the end of the contract period and to handle cash properly, it must be taken into account that a delay in returning the car even for an hour will cost the rented amount per day. It is necessary to get the car ready for the return beforehand and pay attention to the following:
  • the car is to be returned strictly by the appointed time if the client does not want to overpay the daily cost;
  • the vehicle must be clean both inside and outside. Otherwise, the distributors will wash the car themselves, but for an extra charge and the service is not cheap;
  • the fuel in the gas tank must stay on the same level as while receiving the car from the lessor.
You should remember that the data on the tenant's fines is not received by the company at once, therefore the deposit funds will be still blocked for some time.

07 Where to rent a car
You can rent a car on our website. It will bring you a number of advantages: flexible and favorable rental conditions and prices, a varied fleet of vehicles, the choice of a particular car brand, but not a class and a smaller deposit.
Getting a rental car, you can freely travel on roads of the UAE territory not bothering with city conventions.

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