Car rental in Dubai: nuances and peculiarities

The popularity of car rental services is increasing every year due to the comfort they provide. It is convenient to use a temporary car in cities where a person spends vacation or holds business meetings. The received vehicle allows you to quickly get to the necessary sights or places.

01 What is car rental?
Renting a car in the United Arab Emirates is often a needed service that allows you to travel with ease and comfort around the country, including Dubai. The traffic here is highly organized, so you will be able to enjoy driving. And an air-conditioned vehicle will save you from the sweltering heat while traveling from one attraction to another. With a rented car you can drive in Dubai with a company of friends, your family or just alone.

02 What is included in car rental?
Renting a vehicle in Dubai has lots of advantages. Taxis and buses are available for tourists or people visiting the city for business meetings. But car rental offers a lot more comfort and favorable prices. The cost includes a serviced car with a filled tank. Scheduled repair of failed parts is carried out by the lessor. The client is provided with a reliable car that is in a technically sound condition.

03 Car rental process
The lessee can rent a car at the airport or during a visit to the lessor's office. In the first case, it is worth booking a car in advance. Drivers must have the necessary documents with them when applying for the service. They will be required to draw up a contract. Before the beginning of car operation and transfer, the act of acceptance is signed between the parties. It contains the features of the vehicle and possible shortcomings in terms of appearance. At this stage, you should be vigilant and pay attention to existing scratches, chips or some other kind of defect so you could later avoid paying for that damage.

04 Rental car return
The delivery of the car back to the owner is carried out after the expiration of the lease agreement. There is a check for damage. If there are fines, you will have to pay them. The landlord is charged a commission and tax off them.

05 What documents are needed
The main condition of using a rental car is to draw up an agreement with an organization. The right to drive a car is only given to a person over 21 years old who has a driving experience of more than one year.
Documents required for registration of the service:
  • International passport;
  • Driver's license of a standard type;
  • International Driver's License;
  • The driver must have an international credit card.

06 Car rental prices in Dubai
The client is responsible for the property of the company. Therefore, the cost of the service includes a franchise, which is the limitation of insurance. If there is a car damage, it is paid with the help of this amount. If the funds are not enough, then the remaining costs are covered by the insurance company. The average cost of renting a car starts from $50 per day. The rental price depends on a car class, the period of use and the number of additional services. Long-term rental is considered to be cost-effective.

07 Dubai traffic rules and fines
While driving a rental vehicle, you should use the signs. There are multi-level road junctions where tourists get confused. The navigator will help ease the movement. Without an IDP the driver is given a $ 1,500 fine. You should pay it as soon as possible.
Traffic Laws:
  • The speed limit is 40 kilometers per hour, on main roads the value varies from 60 to 90, 100 - 120 on motorways;
  • The right-hand traffic;
  • If there are several lanes, you should not occupy the last one, leaving it for overtaking;
  • At equivalent intersections cars on the left have an advantage;
  • If there is a traffic jam, you must not go to the intersection;
  • When entering into a part of the road with a roundabout, the driver must yield the way;
  • It is necessary to pass pedestrians in any place.
There are toll roads in Dubai. The beginning of this section is indicated by the word Salik or Toll Gate. Money is automatically embedded in a remote format. There are traffic jams in Dubai as in other big cities. Sometimes it is difficult to leave the territory of shopping malls. There are many free parking lots in Dubai. It is quite often that you have to pay for parking near an attraction.

08 Renting a car in Dubai - the choice of a company
Using a car rental service in Dubai is not a luxury but a convenient way of travelling. There are well-maintained roads, comfortable parking, strict observance of traffic rules. All this together allows tourists to move around the city with ease. Moderate prices for gasoline and car rental allow you to save on tour prices, which are usually rather expensive for tourists. Rental is provided to individuals and legal entities.
You can use the service through our company. The company offers a variety of benefits to customers. One of the main that is worth highlighting is the free delivery of a car when renting from 7 days and an advance payment in just 1 day. We offer to rent any car class - from subcompact to luxury models. Rental conditions are reliable. You can choose a rental car on the website of our company.

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