Cheap car rental

Ubigo is a leader in the market of cheap car rental in Dubai due to its professionalism, high quality service, convenience and, of course, affordable prices. The cost of cheap car rental for 1 day, month and week starts from $25 (90AED) - this is the best price for renting in Dubai.

Popular brands of cheap cars for rent in Dubai

If you are considering renting a car in Dubai and want to save money, it is worth paying attention to the popular brands of cheap cars that are offered on our website:

  • Renault Symbol from 120 AED/day
  • Kia Pegas from 120 AED/day
  • JAC J7 from 125 AED/day
  • Kia Rio from 150 AED/day
  • MAZDA CX3 from 165 AED/day, etc.

These models are economical car options that are popular among tourists and entrepreneurs looking for a functional car at a reasonable price.

Choosing an inexpensive car for rent in Dubai and the UAE, you not only save on your own expenses, but also get the opportunity to appreciate all the advantages of traveling around the city and its surroundings by car, without overpaying for additional luxury.

An inexpensive car is a cost-effective choice for the long term

Choosing an affordable car rental in Dubai and other UAE cities can be a cost-effective decision for you for several reasons:

  • Reduced upfront costs: affordable rentals allow you to significantly reduce your upfront costs compared to renting a luxury car.
  • Saving on fuel: fuel efficient cars tend to be more favorable in terms of fuel consumption.
  • Lower insurance costs: insurance for budget cars is cheaper.
  • Less parking hassle: small cars are easier to park in tight spaces in urban areas and popular tourist areas.

It is important to remember that saving on rent should not turn into a loss of quality and safety. Our cars are in good technical condition and equipped with everything necessary for safe transportation. We carefully monitor the technical condition and equipment of our cars.

The economic feasibility of renting a cheap car in Dubai and UAE is hardly questionable, considering the cost of living and the need to optimize expenses in travel and business trips. Using this approach, you can not only cut costs, but also gain a deeper understanding of what is really important for traveling comfortably through the diverse landscapes of the UAE.