Terms and Conditions

  1. Hirer certifies that vehicle received is in perfect condition and fit to drive and has to be returned back to the rental office in the same condition
  2. The vehicle should be serviced as per the service tag found on the windscreen of the car. Hirer should inform the rental branch when the service mileage is reached, failure to do so will mean that the hirer is liable for any damage caused to the vehicle by the lack of servicing.
  3. The hirer has to inform the office immediately in the case of any mechanical damage or failure and will be liable for any additional damage caused by not informing the rental office. The rental office will inform the hirer as to what cation to take regarding the problem.  This also includes minor issues like flat tyre. Hirer will be liable for full tyre cost and any other damages if vehicle is run on flat tyre.
  4. In the event that the hirer, or an additional driver, has an accident in which they are at fault, according to the police report, or if it is a hit and run accident and in which the other vehicle cannot be identified then the relevant insurance excess shown on the front side of rental contract will become payable.
  5. The hirer will be responsible to pay, in full, the cost of repairs if they repair the vehicle without getting the prior approval of the rental office. Same applies even in cases of accidents where the report (guilty/non guilty/hit and run) holds the name of a person who is initially not added as an additional driver on the contract.
  6. Hirers equal or above 22 years old, and below 25 years old, will get only 80% insurance cover i.e. hirers within the aforementioned age limits will bear 20% of the damage repair costs in case of any accidents in addition to the relevant insurance excess (where hirer is involved or hit and run case).
  7. If the hirer is a tourist and holds a UAE approved home country or international license, he or she agrees that as soon as hirer goes on UAE residency it is mandatory to change/obtain a United Arab Emirates Driving License. By signing this contract, hirer also undertakes that it is illegal to drive with the home country or international license once hirer has residence visa in UAE, and will solely responsible for any penalties or fines arising due to violation if this clause. Also, once hirer is on residence visa from UAE, any traffic accident reports carrying the details of license other that UAE valid license will not be acceptable and hirer will be liable to pay all damage charges in full, along with rental amount for the duration vehicle is under repairs.
  8. The vehicle is insured for use only on paved roads within the UAE and insurance will not cover any damage caused to the vehicle if used off road or outside of the territory of the UAE.
  9. In case of an accident, whilst the hirer was under the influence of alcohol or any narcotic drug, they will be liable for all damage caused to the vehicle (including full cost of the vehicle if it is declared a total loss) as well as the rental amount for the duration of repairs or duration taken to conclude the case.
  10. Hirer is responsible to pay in full amount of the repairs and daily rent of the vehicle if it is unusable because of damage accident (driver fault) or technical defect caused by their negligence or deliberate actions.
  11. In cases where the vehicle is a total loss, the hirer is liable to pay an additional charge of 20% of the purchase price of the vehicle. This is in addition to the excess amount shown on the front of the rental agreement.
  12. In case of any damage to the rented car by the hirer, they must obtain a police report or they will be liable for the total damage to the vehicle.
  13. Wind shields (front, rear, side windows) damage will not be covered under insurance and hirer will be liable to pay amount estimate provided by rental office. Same applies for Battery, Tyres, wheels (alloy/steel), tools, and wheel caps (or wheel covers).
  14. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that only drivers entered into the rental contract by the rental office are allowed to drive the vehicle. In the event that a non-authorized person drives the vehicle then the hirer will be held responsible for any damages caused and for any fines levied by the police or other authorities no matter who the driver was.
  15. If hirer wishes to add an additional driver the car rental office should be notified and provided a valid driving license and passport copy. A nominal fee (variable) will be charged for the additional driver and is only subject to approval from rental office.
  16. The hirer should make sure that the vehicle is always parked safely and in a proper parking area. In the event that the damage is caused because of illegal or irresponsible parking then they will be responsible to pay the full amount of repairs if the insurance company refuses to accept the claim.
  17. Hirer is responsible for any fines issued to the vehicle by the police or other government authorities or by private companies if the vehicle is used illegally (or for illegal purpose) during the hire period. In addition, hirer will be held responsible if they used the vehicle to transport any forbidden items, which are considered illegal as per any of the country’s laws. If the car is confiscated for any reason, the hirer should also continue to pay the full amount of the contracted rental rate until an arrangement is reached between the hirer and the rental office.
  18. In case of the car being impounded company retains the right to pay the impounding fee charged and recover the car from impound. This impounding fee will be charged to the Hirer. Additional charges (PRO, processing and other variable charges) are also applicable.
  19. Hirer is not allowed to use the vehicle to tow another vehicle neither may the vehicle be used in any form of racing. In either of these events the hirer will be responsible for any damages caused.
  20. A surcharge of AED 150 will be applicable in case the hirer wants the vehicle collected within Dubai and AED 250 for the same facility in other Emirates.
  21. All UBIGO vehicles are non-smoking. In the event that the hirer or their passengers smoke in the car, a cleaning fee of AED 500 will be charged along with the additional charges if any permanent damage has been caused to the vehicle. Same applies in case of dirty interiors or exteriors of the vehicle at the time of return.
  22. Mileage allowed on daily contract is 200 kms per day, on weekly contracts is 1400 kms per weeks, and on monthly contract is 4500 kms per month. Note^ excess mileage will be charged 0.50 fils per kilometer. Kilometers excess will only be informed to the customer upon closing of contract. If customer would like to know about excess kilometers, the he/she can call the accounts department and get this information.
  23. The hirer undertakes not to tint the vehicle glass or put any other stickes on the vehicle body. If hirer does do so, then they will be liable for a compensation fee of 500 AED to the rental company and will bear full responsibility and any costs penalties imposed by the government authorities.
  24. In the event, hirer wants to file a dispute for any fines of violations imposed by the RTA, Police or other similar authorities, he/she will do so at his/her own responsibility. Any violations arising during the rental contract of the hirer need to be pain at the rental office, and refunds of any disputes can only be claimed from the related authority that has imposed the fine/violation. Ubigo will provide no support/involvement in filling disputes for any fines/violation.
  25. All disputes related to billing and accounts are handled by our Accounts Department. The details of the dispute can be explained via email info@ubigo.ae
  26. All disputes related to car maintenance and services will be addressed by sending an email to info@ubigo.ae
  27. In the case of a vehicle being returned before agreement date, the appropriate rate for shorter rental will be charged and if there is a credit balance, a credit note for use against future rentals with UBIGO will be issued. No cash will be refunded.
  28. The refundable deposit (or the balance remaining after deductions), will be refunded after 30 days from the date the vehicle is returned. If customer wants the security deposit refunded by cheque, then AED 50 fee will be deducted from deposit and remaining amount will be refunded by cheque.
  29. UBIGO has a no cash policy. Every renter is required to use a Credit card for payment. By signing this contract, hirer agrees to authorize UBIGO for registering details of the Credit/Debit card used for the first initial transaction. These details can be used for renewal charges of the contract, as well as for recovering any unpaid or disputed charged arising during or after the contract (related to the agreement number mentioned on the front side of the contract.
  30. The rental amount must be paid in advance at the beginning of the contract.
  31. If the customer does not wish for UBIGO to use the Credit card provided then the accounts office will need to be informed and payment mane 2 days before the car is due back in or an alternate card needs to be provided to complete the payment.
  32. Rental contracts will only be closed upon full settlement of all rental, fines, Salik and damage amounts. In case of non-payment of full amount, the contract shall remain open until all outstanding amounts are settled, even if the vehicle has been returned to the rental office.
  33. Any payments made on account for the vehicle will be credited firstly against any outstanding fines, salik or damage charges and then the remainder against the rental charges.
  34. If the hirer does not pay their bill and UBIGO decides to make a legal case for recovery of the amount being owned, then an additional fee of 750 AED will be charged for legal and PRO fees in addition to all other charges.
  35. Please retain the Vehicle Check list copy given to you and bring it along when you would like to return the car. In cases of disputes on the damages upon return time, only the checklist copy from the records of the rental office holding hirer’s signature will be considered authentic and verified.
  36. One day’s hire is calculated as 24 hours, one hour’s grace period is allowed and thereafter a full day will be charged.
  37. UBIGO will not be held responsible for loss of belongings or valuables of the hirer left in the vehicle at the time of return or exchange.
  38. All damage charges will be informed to the customer, in case of car handover to our driver or customer leaves the car in parking and asks us to pick it up.
  39. UBIGO reserves the right to void the contract and take beck the vehicle from hirer at any time.
  40. UBIGO reserves the right to deactivate and recover vehicle in case of non-payment or delayed payment.
  41. In the event of any cheque issued by the customers in favor of UBIGO is dishonored, there will be a penalty of 500 AED.
  42. Customer can contact the hotline number in case of any accident/breakdown/replacement. Dial +971 55 539 7469
  43. Any expense by the customer for Battery exchange, Spare Tyre Replacement, or similar, will not be reimbursed or adjusted.
  44. If there is any payment pending on customer and if the customer requests us to collect it from his door step then he needs to pay 262 AED additional for collection charges with the pending balance.
  45. If the car return date falls on Friday, then car needs to be returned on Thursday or Saturday and additional day will be applied in case of return of car on Sunday.
  46. Above Terms & Conditions are bilingual, however, in the event of a dispute where both languages interpret a different meaning of the same clause, the meaning of the clause in English language only, will be considered as final.